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The Build Cycle Podcast by Tyler Benedict

The Build Cycle Podcast

by Tyler Benedict

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The Build Cycle podcast features hundreds of #Startup stories from entrepreneurs that have launched, grown and continue to succeed. Their stories illustrate the hundreds of different ways to launch and grow in virtually any industry.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #014 - Beeline Bikes’ Peter Buhl

Author: Tyler Benedict
Sat, May 13, 2017

Why create a business when you could create a platform for others to build businesses upon? That’s what Beeline Bikes’ co-founder Peter Buhl did by launching their mobile bike repair vans as a franchise system. Originally conceived as a multi van operation around their home territory, they quickly figured out that the best way to scale was to bring in owner/operators and franchise the concept. Here’s his story, which is full of great ideas for keeping your customers, whether they’re franchisees or not, by treating them right and making their lives as easy as possible. For full show notes, links and more, check out TheBuildCycle.com!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #013 - Mercury Cycle’s Chris Mogridge

Author: Tyler Benedict
Fri, May 05, 2017

Want to use alternative retail channels as a source of growth? Or take advantage of an industry downturn to save production costs? Those are two of the biggest takeaways from my interview with Chris Mogridge, founder of Mercury Cycles. Like previous podcast guest Boyd Johnson (of Boyd Cycles), Chris’ company make bicycle wheels. But that’s were the similarities end. Chris has taken a completely different route to market, and we talk a lot about two different business experiments that reinforce the lesson “fail fast” and move on. This one’s got a lot to teach, hope you enjoy!

Oh, and if you haven’t subscribed on iTunes or Stitcher yet, please do! It helps me bring you MORE great interviews. And hit me up @thebuildcycle on social media with any comments, tips or questions…or even ideas for future guests that YOU’d like to hear from!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #012 - Altra Running’s Golden Harper

Author: Tyler Benedict
Tue, May 02, 2017

Wonder why things are the way they are? Why brands settle for the status quo when there’s obviously a better way? That’s what Altra Running founder Golden Harper thought as he hacked and modified his running store customers’ shoes to alleviate all types of pains. After selling thousands of altered shoes, he figured there was a market for foot-shaped, zero drop shoes, but Nike, adidas, nor any of the other big brands were interested in the tech. So he launched it himself, bringing key friends and angels on board to get the first production run going, then sold the entire copmany before the first shoe ever delivered. There are a ton of lessons here for anyone that things they’ve found a better way to do something!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #011 -Chasing Epic’s Steve Mokan

Author: Tyler Benedict
Wed, Apr 12, 2017

If you want to start a tour or guide company, this episode is for you! Founder Steve Mokan’s exposure to adventure travel came from his side gig as a photographer for gear brands and ski resorts, so he took the things he liked from those experiences and created Chasing Epic. As a mountain bike tour group leader, he’s taken a unique approach to bringing a team together, using existing guides to streamline the startup process and working with brands to ensure his customers have all the gear they need for a stellar riding vacation. As a bonus, he’s pretty good at taking pics of them while riding, so everyone goes home looking and feeling like a pro with the pics to prove it!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #010 -Kogel Bearings’ Ard Kessels

Author: Tyler Benedict
Thu, Apr 06, 2017

Curious how to launch and grow a company while living abroad? Or how to create a product using a combination of off-the-shelf and custom machined parts? Ard Kessels is doing all of that with Kogel Bearings, a high end ceramic bearing brand for bicycles, and he’s selling the very expensive upgrades through a combination of strategic athlete sponsorship and educational story telling. Get ready to spin out some notes as you hear his startup story, and check out the show notes, photos and more at TheBuildCycle.com!

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The Build Cycle Podcast #009 - Peaks Coaching Group’s Hunter Allen

Author: Tyler Benedict
Tue, Mar 28, 2017

Think you’re a subject matter expert and want to coach, train or mentor others? Hunter Allen has been there, done that, offering 1-on-1 personal coaching for pro athletes, managing a team of coaches to train the masses, and co-founded TrainingPeaks, one of the top online/cloud based training programs. He share his #startup story, plus tons of great strategies for builidng your own systems. Whether you want to coach athletes, entrepreneurs or anyone else, you’ll learn how to build a business larger than yourself by making it easy for others.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #008 - Breck Epic’s Mike McCormack

Author: Tyler Benedict
Mon, Mar 20, 2017

Fair warning: Mike’s a talker, in the best possible way. Our conversation meanders back and forth through his work background, and each turn reveals another piece of the puzzle that’s come together to create the “Mountain Bike Stage Race World Championship” event. He’s also running the Vail Outlier, a consumer mountain bike festival that’s quickly established itself as a major late-season event. Oh, and he’s running a PR firm that works with some of the top brands in the cycling industry. If you’re looking to create and run an event, whether sporting or a business seminar or lifestyle retreat, there is a ton of hard won knowledge in here.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #007 - Mulberry Gap’s Kate & Andrew Gates

Author: Tyler Benedict
Thu, Mar 16, 2017

Kate and Andrew Gates and their families were looking for a retreat for themselves in the mountains of Georgia. They ended up at Mulberry Gap, located deep in the Chattahoochee National Forest in Elijay, GA. It’s a big property, and it already had cabins, a barn and more, and it quickly became clear they’d need to do something to generate revenue to support the property. Fortunately, they were smack in the middle of some of the best trails in the state, and it didn’t take long for mountain bikers to start asking if they could camp there. A business was born, and now it was time to figure out things like permits, shuttling, food service, maintenance and sooooo much more. Welcome to the world of hospitality.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #006 - Boyd Cycling’s Boyd Johnson

Author: Tyler Benedict
Tue, Mar 14, 2017

Boyd Johnson started his eponymous wheel brand after retiring from professional road racing and quickly grew it from concept to being very, very busy. He started by ordering catalog parts from Asian manufacturers, lacing the hubs and rims into custom wheel builds before being able to have his own hub and rim designs created. Here, we discuss how he got into wheels, how customer service is the big differentiator in a crowded market and some of the methods and challenges of using overseas manufacturing.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #005 - Fullsteam Brewery’s Sean Lilly Wilson

Author: Tyler Benedict
Wed, Mar 08, 2017

Sean Lilly Wilson ended up started Fullsteam Brewery not because he was an avid home brewer, but simply because he thought existing laws were silly. Or, more specifically, because those laws prevented him from drinking true-to-style craft beer. After successfully leading the charge to modernize North Carolina’s brewing laws, allowing beers with higher alcohol content, he used those connections and passion to start a “plow to pint” brewery that’s heavy on locally foraged ingredients, supporting local businesses and economies, and making some damn good brew. Now, he’s not just growing the number of beers they brew, but also their infiltration into the local market and beyond NC’s borders.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #004 - DeFeet’s Shane Cooper

Author: Tyler Benedict
Wed, Mar 01, 2017

Shane Cooper started DeFeet socks without much of a plan and grew it into what’s arguably the largest, most popular cycling sock company. They now have international distribution, develop new designs every month and offer a massive custom sock program that works with some of the top athletes and teams. There’s a lot of tech that goes into making a good pair of cycling socks, and a lot of features that make it unique from standard athletic socks, but the really interesting parts of his story deal with how he overcame disaster, used smart partnerships to gain awareness, and the strategies he used to become a global sock powerhouse.

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The Build Cycle Podcast #003 - PressCamp’s Lance Camisasca

Author: Tyler Benedict
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

After working for Interbike for years, PressCamp founder Lance Camisasca jumped ship from the largest cycling tradeshow in North America to launch a smaller, more intimate event. PressCamp pairs brands and journalists in one-on-one meetings that not only allow better stories to be told, but also for relationships to be built that advance both party’s interests. The concept proved so popular, ECRM purchased it but kept Lance and his team on to continue to run it and grow the concept to serve other industries.

We talk about how the PressCamp concept came about, how he wrangled the necessary interest from both sides of the table to encourage more brands and more journalists to show up, and the power of a good checklist and timeline. If you’re thinking of launching an event or event management business, there are plenty of great lessons to be learned from our conversation.

For complete show notes, find this episode’s companion blog post at 

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The Build Cycle Podcast #002 - Feedback Sports’ Doug Hudson

Author: Tyler Benedict
Wed, Feb 22, 2017

Fresh out of college, Doug Hudson and a friend launched Chrome as a baggy mountain bike clothing brand. Nowadays, that brand’s better known for their iconic messenger bags, which entered the line before Doug sold his share of the company and entered the corporate world. That didn’t last long, though. His wife convinced him to stop talking about his idea for bike scales and just do it. Fast forward several years and Feedback Sports offers a complete range of bicycle repair and storage stands, a killer new line of tools and more.

We talk about how he funded the launch of Chrome when he was barely away from the University of Florida (and more interested in skiing, surfing and riding than working), what his work experience for others taught him about running a company, and how he’s grown Feedback Sports through smart design and timely acquisitions of other brands and products.

For complete show notes, find this episode’s companion blog post at [...]

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The Build Cycle Podcast #001 - Lindarets’ Marc Basiliere

Author: Tyler Benedict
Sun, Feb 19, 2017

For our first ever Build Cycle podcast, I interview Marc Basiliere of Lindarets. Marc started in adventure project management before launching his own cycling review site, then started writing for me at Bikerumor.com and ultimately ended up contributing to Singletrack UK. During which he held down a full time job at the DOE, but all the while was paying careful attention to the ways people were hacking their mountain bikes to make them work better. Finally, he launched Lindarets to do something about it, using his design engineering background to create small components and fixes for common upgrades and hacks.

We talk about how his educational and work background laid the foundation for Lindarets, how and why he launched it, and the steps taken to go from idea to finished product out in the market (and on the trail). These business lessons are invaluable for any entrepreneur looking to startup a small product business, particularly if their strengths lie in concept and desi [...]

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